Here at Mirway we combine experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to tackle the complex solutions of complicated problems and deliver systems that not only meets the needs of its smart users but also that of their budget and timeframes. Whether you are using a standard Windows interface or a proprietary system, we provide solutions to support your work flow, business processes and budget.

Proven Technologies

We specialize in Microsoft .NET stack that provides rich user experience with state of the art web and desktop technologies, reliable enterprise level servers for highly scalable service infrastructure for both your cloud and hosted environment.

Interactive and Engaging UI

Mere display of content is not the only goal of the presentation layer. Simple, friendly, appealing, addictive: the love in first sight – that is the user interfaces that all applications strive for. The information must be displayed in easily chewable bites; the work-flow navigation must to be broken down in baby steps. For a social networking applications, there needs to be added interaction among the users to create an engaging experience. Rich Interactive Applications (RIA) is the requirement for today’s applications, not a luxury. Whether it’s a desktop applications requiring WPF or web-application requiring fancy JavaScript widgets, we can help you implement your contemporary rich interactive application!

Data-Centric Web-Applications

Data centric web-applications, such as financial and e-commerce sites require complex design considerations to maintain the reliability and responsiveness under heavy usage. Does the presentation layer has enough caching, redundancy, and scalability built into it to handle peak hour customer load with acceptable responsiveness? Can the service and business logic tier reliably share persisted user-sessions, shopping carts, and other cached data across the load-balanced servers? The mechanics of integrating a scalable presentation tier with that of a scalable service tier makes problem even more grandeur than that of designing those individual tiers. We can help - we have the experience to answer these questions for you; we can design the system that meets the scalability and reliability requirements of your application!

Engineering Desktop Applications

Certain problems demand exploring solutions through a custom desktop application, especially the processes that involve loading and crunching large amounts of data in memory and subsequent high end graphical representation of the results. Regardless of whether this is your publication application processing your layouts and designs or an engineering application for visual graphical analysis, we can help you with coding your efficient algorithms and rich graphics.

Enhanced Security and Protection of Sensitive Information

Can you recall a day when someone did not try to steal your credentials with a scam email and a fake link to your oft visited site? Here at Mirway we understand the security requirements of a web-application and what does it take to protect your customers’ sensitive information. We can help protect your application against hosts of attack vectors such as cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, and SQL Injection attacks so you can focus on your business model. For any application that is exposed to internet, built in security is a mandatory requirement not an afterthought.


Storage Products Company

Mirway is helping a storage products company develop their state of art automated solution for a mega warehouse industrial storage. We developed a multi-threaded service bus that allows various system components to communicate using a highly flexible messaging format. We are also developing desktop based simulator applications for the heavy transporting and other moving devices so the overall functionality of the system can be simulated and tested easily and efficiently.

Mobile Application Company

Mirway has been desining Windows based Point of Sale applications for a mobile application company in Boulder. The applications meets their custom order workflow, specific deployment scenarios, and are integrated into their web-services based order management infrastructure.


The challenge of creating was that it had to be more of an art than technology. It is a web-site for a local artist and photographer who is passionate about her web-site as much as she is about her art. The site had to reflect her work and her vision. It also has simple promotion tools such as a Facebook Like button and a Twitter Tweet button that she could use to promote her services. The site is being developed in Orchard CMS.

Local Financial Services Company

We have been helping a local financial services company with several tasks: One of their core processing software component was causing bottlenecks in the system; we used Task Parallel Library to convert it to a multi-threaded web-service that resulted in significant increase in the capacity and performance of that component and also allowed the core processing to be scalable through load balanced servers and hosted on Windows AppFabric. We are developing a web based administration panel for some of their internal functions using the latest of the UI and infrastructure technology such as Knockout.js, jQuery, MVC 4, and WCF. We helped them secured their web-application which allowed them to meet the industry standard and the security audit requirements of their clients. We are also helping them with the maintenance and deployments of Classic ASP based web-application. We secured a REST based web-service using Windows Identity Foundation (claim based identity management).

Nitec LLC

We helped custom design a WPF based Desktop application for the Oil Reservoir technical analysis. The UI was designed with AvalonDock that allowed the application windows to be spread across multiple monitors. The used the PRISM methodologies for the clean design and also helped them with 2D graphics components.

Alpine Access

We custom developed for them a prototype for automated customer relationship management (CRM) workflows using OpenSpan automation software, SOAP and REST based web-services (WCF), SQL Server 2005, Entity Framework 4.0 for object relational mapping, and ASP.NET 3.5 based web-console.

Flatirons Professionals' Network Corporation

Mirway has been involved in designing and developing all aspects of the web-site from the ground up. The site incorporates the latest of the .NET technologies such as Orchard CMS, WCF, MVC, and SQL 2012. Several of its features are custom designed, such as: membership and authentication through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and event posting, scheduling, and annoucements. Upcoming features include, RSVP listing, member business pages and communities, and Analytics etc. Mirway also manages the hosting and operations of the web site.



Mirway was founded in 2008 with a mission to build and design innovative software platforms and technologies that reveal unique talents of individuals and businesses, facilitate cooperative fabric of trade, and encourage sharing and learning in our communities. We specialize in enterprise level software solutions on Microsoft technology stack. It allows us to provide end-to-end software solutions with rich user experience, scalable service layer infrastructure, and reliable data storage techniques. Microsoft technology solutions are best in class when it comes to fast time to develop and market, reliable enterprise level servers, highly scalable cloud infrastructure, and state of the art desktop and tablet systems. We are located at the scenic valley of Flatirons, half-way between Boulder and Denver, covering the whole front-range area. You may contact us through filling out the form below or by writing to us at any of our addresses.


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